About Us

Well, what can I say?

We are Mark and Giselle, a Brit couple who moved permanently to Italy a few years back  after spending rather a lot of time here in Umbria and Le Marche for months at a time with Mark teaching English and us living in a camper van!

Teaching was only from October – June, in the summers we went back to the UK. This didn’t seem like the best plan – we wanted to be able to spend all year here, especially the summer!

We moved here in 2007, determined to stay all year around.  It was tough, but we did it!

Then an opportunity came up and we took off to the States for an extended holiday in 2009 and spent the summer travelling.  One of the best activities was a fun wine tour with Platypus Wine Tours.  It was the last piece of the jigsaw.  We saw the light!

So we combined all our ideas, knowledge and passion and decided that if we did wine tours in Umbria, we could introduce people to this beautiful region of Italy, it’s fabulous wines, it’s amazing food and, of course, the irrepressible local people.

We decided to concentrate on the small family-run wineries of our own area – Montefalco – a rich vein to tap into!  We had a great start as Mark had been teaching English to a lot of the winery owners and their families over time and we had become friends.

We knew that if we exceeded expectations, we would always enjoy a great day out with our wine lovers, and they would have the best day of their holiday!  So far, this philosophy has worked very well!

We are also self-confessed foodies and we had already sourced some terrific places to have lunch on the tour!  It doesn’t stop us continuing our search!

Soon, we had everything we needed to start our new adventure and Gusto Wine Tours was born!

Would you like to know more about Gusto?

Head to our website: Gusto Wine Tours in Umbria


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