Cantine Aperte May 26th 2013 … Ground Rules….

As Cantine Aperte is almost upon us (tomorrow folks!!) here’s a little post about the day! And as Willemijn says, concentrate on the less well known cantine – you’ll have a truly authentic local experience that way, in our opinion! Giselle & Mark


A 'Vine' day for a wine tasting! Umbrian vines .... A ‘Vine’ day for a wine tasting!
Umbrian vines ….

THIS weekend – Always the last weekend of May will be the nationwide Cantine Aperte in Italy …….

This is one day we DON’T work!  We use part of the day to go to new cantine that we usually don’t have time to visit normally in Umbria.   The latter part we go local – so we can get home easily!

So, if you’ve never been, how do you go about it?  I’m here to tell you how!

This is an event for everyone! There’s amazing wine, great food, entertainment galore, picnics in the vineyards, jazz in the barrel rooms … What’s not to like?

There is, in our opinion, one thing not to like, and that’s the more popular cantine are BUSY, really BUSY!  This can be a lot of fun, please don’t misunderstand us! But, consider parking…

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