A Gusto Day … Typically Untypical!

A small selection of Dionigi wines .....!

A small selection of Dionigi wines …..!

We are asked all the time “What can we expect from a day out with Gusto?”

We don’t like to give too much away as part of the pleasure, we have found, is in discovering those particular pleasures along the way!

So, why don’t I tell you about a day that happened last year?

The summer was a hot and long one – one to remember!  The sunflowers seemed to go on and on – my favourite flower!



We had requests from 3 different young couples coming from 3 different directions … so it was that we organised a day for one couple staying near Bevagna, one more driving up from Rome and meeting up in Bevagna and another couple on their honeymoon staying near Todi.

What an international bunch they were too – one couple from USA,  another from Australia and the honeymoon couple from the UK …

We picked the honeymoon couple up first and headed to Bevagna to meet up with the other two couples.  All went to plan and soon all 6 were in the car and chatting away.

We made our way to our friend Francesco’s lovely cantina for the first stop of the day, everyone piled out and were immediately greeted by the family dog, Oberdan – a great big softie of a Bernese water dog.

The tasting takes place in a beautifully converted ground floor of a country house with an eclectic collection of tables and chairs restored by Francesco himself.

The cantina is situated in a wonderful spot just outside the wine town of Montefalco.


The group sat down with a wonderful spread of local snacks to complement the wines – Francesco is a professional cook as well as the wine-maker and takes pride in making sure the wines are paired with the right food.

After a leisurely wine tasting, the group took their leave of Francesco and made their way to the next pretty little cantina….

The lovely group at #Fongoli

The lovely group at #Fongoli

This cantina has a fascinating farm/winery museum in the barrel rooms, it’s a real pleasure on a hot summers day to wander through the rooms and take in this slice of Umbrian history …

'Audit' wines #Fongoli

‘Audit’ wines #Fongoli

Once the wines had been sampled and everyone had had a good look around – gaping at the huge ‘Botte’ in the barrel rooms … And having a bit of fun too …

Wine Tasting with a difference!

Wine Tasting with a difference!

…. It was time for lunch! So, back in the car and a drive in the Umbrian countryside to an historic Agriturismo near Montefalco.  It has been in the same family for something like 400 years!

One of the couples were on honeymoon and we told the agriturismo about it, so …..

A celebration surprise for the honeymoon couple!

A celebration surprise for the honeymoon couple!

Cin-Cin!  Happy Honeymoon celebration!

Cin-Cin! Happy Honeymoon celebration!

After their sumptuous Umbrian lunch with local wines our group headed for the final cantina of the day ….

Wine tasting in the constantly cool cellars of #Dionigi

Wine tasting in the constantly cool cellars of #Dionigi

This is another family-run old cantina with a fabulous cellar/barrel room that keeps wonderfully cool throughout the hot summers.  A real tonic to be able to cool down AND sample the many wines!

After this last, unhurried and relaxed tasting it was time to get everyone back, but not the most direct route …. !

Loving the Sunflowers...

Loving the Sunflowers…



They LOVED the wines! Happy guests!

They LOVED the wines!
Happy guests!

So there you go!  A typically untypical day with Gusto!

Find out for yourselves, book a day with us and have your own Gusto Day!

Mark & Giselle:  gustowinetours@gmail.com

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2 Responses to A Gusto Day … Typically Untypical!

  1. Lee Amer says:

    Best day ever Mark and Giselle!
    I am still constantly telling people about it all the time. I can’t wait to come back and do it again!

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