Day One!

Hi all, Giselle here!

I know that I have other dormant blogs out there, but this one is a little more thought out and hopefully, with a few years experience under our belt now, more interesting!

I plan, over time to cover wine events – focusing on Umbria mostly, but if there are important events outside of Umbria, I will cover them too.

I want to tell you about the wonderful people behind the wines here ….

I want to occasionally share one of our days with you – so those of you who haven’t been on one of our wine tours,  may just be tempted!

I want to share photos with you and encourage YOU to share your Gusto photos with ME!

I’d LOVE it if you followed this blog.  Perhaps check us out on Facebook and Twitter too….

I also want to interact with you, I hope that you will be there to comment – I WILL reply!

I’m really looking forward to this project!


PS: I will add more pages as I learn how to!


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18 Responses to Day One!

  1. Mark says:

    Will be following your blog with great interest.
    Mark & Robin

  2. Peter Hrastovec says:

    Pleasure meeting you both in FLA! Looking forward to your postings….perhaps one day soon we will travel to Umbria!
    Peter and Denise

  3. Conor says:

    Well done, if you need any help with wp let me know.

  4. hideawayamandola says:

    Reblogged this on Hideawayamandola’s Blog and commented:
    Good luck Giselle and Mark. Looking forward to learning and reading all about your wine adventures.

  5. hideawayamandola says:

    Good luck Giselle and Mark – really looking forward to reading and learning more about your wine adventures. Best wishes, Sarah and Mark

  6. Pete says:

    Good luck! Looking forward to reading your blog! 🙂

  7. Hee! I just came to your old blog … why did you change to this new one? Or … better not ask? Anyway, best mention that you have a new blog so it will be easy to follow from the old one as well! Will subscribe!!! Ciao.

  8. Adrian says:

    Good luck Giselle and Mark on your new project, All the best from Piemonte, Adrian and Sandy

  9. welcome back in the blogging world!

    • Awww! Thanks so much Leti, I am looking forward to it, bit scary, but in a good way – I should be getting an all singing, all dancing internet connection up and running this weekend from Italia WiFi – the satellite system! I’m excited! 😀 I can’t do anything with this connection now!

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