Umbria – Green Heart of Italy!

Our house surrounded by the special spring green.


They really don’t call Umbria the Green Heart of Italy for nothing, you know!

Right now it’s really living up to its name with the blossoming of that almost fluorescent-lime spring green.  The vines are suddenly looking like they are badly in need of a haircut with tendrils sticking out every which way!

In need of some taming!

It’s an exciting time to be observing the vines right now with the embryonic grape bunches peeking out from the oversized vine leaves.

Neo-grape bunches!

BIG vine leaves!

More neo bunches of grapes!

Then Mother Nature makes sure there is a splash of colour against this sea of green as far as the eye can see, she dots and swirls and bunches the bright red poppies randomly throughout the countryside -you can be out walking and turn a corner to see a field full of poppies almost obliterating the green – it fair takes your breath away!

Gorgeous Poppies in the Umbrian fields.

This has to be my favourite time of year, not too hot yet, the mosquitoes are scarce and the countryside is burgeoning with fresh promise!  Oh, and there are lots of fabulous local festivals to go to – that might be something to do with loving this time of year too!

One of the many fab Cantine that participated in Cantine Aperte (Open Wineries).

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